No Shame On U Podcast Episode 11: Linda Meyers, Author of “The Tell”

In episode 11, we were honored to talk with Linda Meyers, a true inspiration. In her memoir, Linda details what it was like growing up in the 1940s and 1950s with a mother with a mental health condition. After her mother’s suicide in 1970, Linda was determined to break the stigma of suicide and mental health and shared the truth. She also discusses how growth can come from tragedy and the changes she made to her life to make meaning of her Mother’s life. Huge thanks to Eitan Feiger for all of his help preparing for this podcast!!

No Shame On U Podcast Episode 10: Ally Golden, Author of “A Good Soldier”

In episode 10, we were thrilled to talk with Ally Golden, author of the memoir “A Good Soldier”. In her memoir, Ally details growing up with a parent living with a mental health condition, something many people can relate to, but most never speak about. We discuss her journey, the effect it had on her life, and the importance of - and the fact that there is no shame in - seeking mental health treatment. We also talk about her work with survivors of suicide loss. 

No Shame On U Podcast Episode 8: Wendy Dolin, LCSW, Founder of MISSD

In episode 8, were honored to talk with Wendy Dolin, LCSW, who has her own therapy practice and is the founder of MISSD: The Medication-Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Stewart Dolin. We talk about akathisia, her suicide prevention advocacy through MISSD, her amazing trial win and NY Times feature, and the national and international awareness she has raised about akathisia.

No Shame On U Podcast Episode 7: Josh Rivedal, Author of The I'mPossible Project

In episode 7, we were honored to talk with Josh Rivedal, author, global speaker, actor, and mental health advocate. We discuss his mental health journey, his worldwide speaking and experiences, the books he has authored, his experience acting in a skit on SNL and much more. His most recent book, The I’mPossible Project Volume 2: Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving the Impossible is a compilation of 50 authors sharing their mental health stories. 

No Shame On U Podcast Episode 6: Efrem Epstein, Founder of Elijah's Journey

In episode 6, we were thrilled to talk with Efrem Epstein, Founder of Elijah's Journey.  We talked about Efrem's extensive mental health advocacy, the recent Washington, D.C. retreat he organized, including particpating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Out of the Darkness Walk, and his work as a member of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Faith Communities Task Force.

No Shame On U Podcast Episode 5: Madraigos Midwest Executive Director, Rabbi Yehuda Polstein

In episode 5, we were honored to talk with Rabbi Yehuda Polstein, Executive Director of Madraigos Midwest.  We discussed the fabulous offerings that Madraigos Midwest provides to the community.  In this episode, we also highlight this Tuesday night's program, June 20, 2017, B'Lev Echad: One Crucial Night to Raise Mental Health Awareness.  

No Shame On U is honored to be partnering with Madraigos Midwest and Refuah-311 on the B'Lev Echad program.  We are grateful to the event's corporate sponsors: Yellowbrick Program and Compass Health Center.